1. Martin with The King of Tickets

    The Business of Fun


    davewakemanSometimes called the King of Tickets for his role in moving the ticketing industry to the Internet, Dave Wakeman leaves no turn stone unturned when exploring where the business of fun is headed. He recently started to publish a series of podcasts covering noteworthy events, technology, and thought leaders driving forward the fundamentals of ticketing. It is an honor for a company like Activity Stream to have our VP of Commercial Activity…

  2. We need help in Copenhagen

    Two open Positions


    hiring2We need to increase the capacity of our commercial outfit in Copenhagen. Located in a top spot in the city, the office is responsible for all client communications throughout the sales process. As a startup, Activity Stream offers a fast-paced environment full of possibilities. Check out a detailed description, only available in Danish but do not despair, we snakker English. You can always send us an email to inquire.

    One is the position of sales/marketing coordinator who is responsible…

  3. UTM Codes – The what, how, and why

    a frequently asked question


    Some questions get asked more frequently than others when we showcase the full potential of the Activity Stream system and the associated AS for Live Entertainment and AS for Sports industry solutions. When demonstrating the simple function of the easy-to-use link builder we usually end up providing a crash course in UTM tagging. The analogy we feel best explains the concept of referrer information and UTM-tags is comparing it to an old fashioned physical letter.

    A web session is like a letter arriving at your website. Both have a stamp you can use to know the origin. The stamp on…

  4. Broadway Data Facelift

    The Shubert Organization is improving decision making by fostering a true data-driven culture


    The Shubert Organization and Activity Stream jointly present at the Ticketing Technology Forum 2017 in Dublin how the two companies are working together to design and implement a new data strategy in an industry with pressing needs to optimize streaming sales data for shows which most run eight times a week. This blog contains an introduction to the case. Get in touch for more information.

    There are a few different ways of working with data. The major steps are the collection, the analysis, the visualization, the distribution and finally the reaction of those responsible for decisions based on insights learned from the data. It…

  5. Say HI to AI

    It's a revolution


    Change is coming. More and more agree that the impact will equal a revolution. As you have slowly become immune to words like juggernaut, paradigm and disruption, your reaction when we say: “revolution” is not necessarily registering on the seismic scale.

    But when you honestly feel like the world needs to hear you out you look for a way to quantify and referring to a number is necessary. So how about we call it the fourth industrial revolution? Yes, that’s right, the fourth industrial revolution is upon us all. To refresh your memory, the Internet was the last one.

  6. Cracking the OI barrier

    Immediately integrate AI to your Data Strategy


    On a busy Friday afternoon, a call from a high-value customer with an urgent problem is placed at the back of a slow moving call queue in your company’s call center. Following a 15 minute wait, he hangs up but calls again 10 minutes later only to be placed again at the end of the now longer queue. At this point, the customer is so frustrated that he seriously starts to question whether you deserve his business.