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One team, one tool: Manage events, staff and resources with planning software tailored to the cultural sector.

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Event planner

Dive into the heart of Yesplan with our multi-functional event calendar. Instantly access a real-time overview of your weekly schedule or entire season, simplifying your event planning process.

Staff planning

Streamline your staff scheduling with Yesplan’s core system. Our Teamplanner module further enhances staff scheduling capabilities, becoming an indispensable tool for your event planning needs.

Resource management

Allocate your event resources and staff effortlessly with just a click. Whether you need 3 microphones, 16 chairs, or 2 tables, have everything ready in no time and avoid double- and overbooking.

Finances & Budget

Take control of your budgeting challenges with Yesplan. From generating price quotes to setting prices for resources and venue rentals, manage your finances with ease.

Contacts and relations

Keep all your essential contact information in one place. Whether it’s suppliers, staff, or contacts from other organizations, Yesplan makes organizing your events smoother by centralizing your communication.

More Yesplan features

Centralized information

Keep all your event data in one place with our centralized management system, eliminating concerns about data storage and accessibility.

Seamless integrations

Enjoy effortless coordination between your tools. Changes made in one system are instantly updated across all integrated software, maintaining consistency and streamlining your workflow.

Accessibility without limits

Access our cloud-based software anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re out of the office or on the move, our app keeps you connected to your event information 24/7.

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Introduction to Yesplan

Start your exploration of Yesplan with our 25-minute on-demand webinar, designed to introduce you to the essential features of our software solution. This brief yet informative session is the perfect first step in understanding how Yesplan can help you manage your venue with peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yesplan excels at working with other systems. Many integrations already exist; ticketing, CMS, finance and narrowcasting systems are readily available to connect with Yesplan. Thanks to our API clients and third party developers can also create their own integrations.

Yesplan system fields are available in English, French and Dutch. We also have templates available in German, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. Region-wise, we’re active in Europe, The UK and North-America. Is your language or region not mentioned? Get in touch with us. We would love to make it happen.

Yes, you can access Yesplan at any moment and from any location; as long as you’re connected to the internet.

While Yesplan was originally tailored by and for the cultural sector, over the years our software has been used by a great deal of different organizations. So besides the cultural sector Yesplan also facilitates unparalleled event planning for sports, entertainment and commercial event organizers.

We offer Yesplan on an enterprise license model. This means you can create as many users/logins as you need at no extra cost. The price of a Yesplan license depends on the size of your venue, which we measure using a combination of variables, for example the number of events and venue size.

When starting off with Yesplan we will implement it together with you in a timeframe of 1 to 3 months. We believe in customizing our software to your organization’s needs and wants.

Yesplan provides an online support service. You can send your questions by mail to yesplan@support.be. Answers can be expected during working hours and days. Our support team is located in the CET/CEST timezone.