Improve all aspects of operations and services with Artificial Intelligence


The Activity Stream platform and the associated industry specific solutions let you unify relevant business activity from internal and external systems, analyze and enrich the data, help you see the big picture, discover valuable insights and distribute actionable items to your entire team.

  • Unify and View

    Powerful, cross filtered, intuitive, easy to use dashboards to see the big picture.

  • Discover and Understand

    AI based Operations Intelligence engine providing valuable insights.

  • Collaborate and Act

    Communication platform for immediate sharing of actionable items.


It is challenging, sometimes even impossible, to maintain a full overview of a business and keep track of all occurring business activity. Activity Stream makes your business smarter by providing:

  • Operations Intelligence / We enable you to unify, enrich, monitor and analyze business activities to make sure your organization discovers and seizes every opportunity to improve operations.
  • Easy Implementation / It is important for you to hit the ground running. That’s why Activity Stream is implemented in a matter of days or weeks without disruption to your current IT infrastructure.
  • Instant Value / An industry-specific solution for your line of business with ready-made data visualization and functionality instantly providing you with valuable insights and actionable intelligence.


Make you and your entire team even more productive and proactive. At the same time, increase your capabilities and competence by becoming truly data-driven.

  • Take collaboration to the next level, on topic, in full context along with a simple and efficient workflow.
  • Information from across multiple systems available at your fingertips when you need it. You can even subscribe to what is relevant to you.
  • We continuously monitor and analyze your business to make sure you discover and act in time on valuable opportunities and impending threats.


Activity Stream is the perfect foundation. Profit from a deeper understanding of your customers, who they are, how they interact with your business and what matters to them.

  • Insights

    Customer behavior enriched with unique insights.

  • Outlook

    Sales, churn, retention, and demographic analyses.

  • Moments

    Suggestions of when and why to engage with customers.