Activity Stream is a connected ecosystem to enhance live events

Manage your venue
with peace of mind

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Grow your audience and
sell more tickets

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Curate amazing visitor
experiences at scale

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Plan, manage and execute your events with ease

Yesplan is the premier event planning software tailored for the arts and culture sector. Whether for theaters, arts centers, or concert halls, Yesplan enables you to streamline and simplify complex workflows.

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Create compelling marketing campaigns that convert

Tailored for live events professionals, our marketing suite is designed for easy access to sales trends, consumer behavior, audience demographics and other valuable insights. This dynamic data is visually compelling, easily digestible and accessible in real-time for users to act on, export or share as needed.

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Visitor Experience

Turn ordinary into extraordinary

crowdEngage empowers live event organizations to curate unforgettable visitor experiences at scale. Utilize customer data to personalize engagement according to ticket type, membership status and other relevant purchase information. Satisfied patrons spend more generously and often evolve into loyal, repeat customers.

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Seamless integrations with leading ticketing platforms

Activity Stream has established strategic partnerships and integrations with ticketing companies worldwide. Together, we make existing platforms and workflows more effective.

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Why teams love Activity Stream

“Looking back, it’s hard to imagine how we delivered customer service excellence without Activity Stream.”

Leon Gray

Head of Audience,
International Festival

“Activity Stream and crowdEngage, integrated and working side-by-side with our technology, enable teams to achieve more with their data.”

Mike Geller

President, Spektrix

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