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Better Together: Activity Stream and accesso ShoWare

Our dynamic partnership empowers live entertainment organizations to make data-driven decisions. Elevate your organization's success by leveraging powerful analytics and actionable insights.

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Audience Insights & Targeting

Using Activity Stream’s marketing and data visualization platform.

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Easily Visualize Your Data

Providing an interactive data visualization platform which is easy to see and explore.

Bring Your Data Together

Pulling in data from Spektrix and other data sources into interactive dashboards, including Spektrix, Facebook, Google and more.

Target Your Audience

Increase audience engagement and continuously build loyalty through maximized insight.

Track Sales Progress

Monitor your sales progress with intuitive dashboards. Track your sales KPIs effortlessly such as revenue, average order size, price type, category, source, and more.

Identify Trends

Unlock customer data to effectively retarget customers by identifying trends in buying history, purchasing preferences and event interests.

Build Emails That Convert

Engage your audience with top-selling copy, conditional blocks, drag-and-drop email templates.


Email Marketing Made Easy

Build hyper-targeted segments and deliver powerful email campaigns in minutes.

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Drag and Drop Editor

Create inclusive, branded emails that convert with our drag-and-drop editor – no coding skills required!

Customized Content

Build your marketing emails with custom blocks to create engaging content. Add urgency to your emails with pre-sale countdowns for a specific event.

Reporting on Engagement

Gain valuable insights into key email marketing metrics based on customer type. View bounces, clicks, open rates, deliveries, CTR, unsubscribes, and URL engagement, with automatic UTM tagging to track what matters most for your audience.

New! Integrated AI Features

Discover the power of AI in your marketing efforts. Generate attention-grabbing headlines, CTAs, and images with our integrated AI tools.

Visitor Experience

Audience Engagement with crowdEngage

Power before, during and after-show experiences with audience messaging, mobile tickets, and seamless food and drink pre-orders.

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QR Tickets

Reduce queues and provide a positive customer experience with QR tickets sent automatically to customers' mobile phones.

Important Text Alerts & Reminders

Provide best-in-class customer service and build deeper relationships with audiences by sending timely, just in time messages – cutting through the noise by delivering via SMS.

Seamless Ticket Sharing

Customers can easily share tickets with other attendees that are part of their group. Streamline on-site operations and get additional data from non-booking audience members.

Partner Webinar

Unleashing the Power of Data-driven Marketing with Activity Stream and accesso ShoWare

Join us for a webinar as we unveil the partnership between Activity Stream and accesso ShoWare. These two industry-leading platforms are changing the way live entertainment organizations understand and engage with their customers.

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"Activity Stream's integration with our existing ticketing system adds a powerful new tool for our historic theatre to excel. It provides not only the ability to visualize and analyze ticket buyer data in hundreds of new ways, but allows us to easily take action with that information within the system."

Alex Nerad
Egyptian Theatre’s Executive Director