A new year has just begun. And we have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline for 2019; new revolutionary features of Activity Stream Solutions being introduced in the very near future – and we would love to share our recent initiatives with you. In the first half year of 2019 you can meet us at some of the major conferences impacting the industry, in both Europe and the US, where you can network and discuss your challenges with other ticketing professionals.

March 20 – 22
Ticketing Professionals Conference, Birmingham – UK

At the Ticketing Professionals Conference in Birmingham in March, we will cover two highly topical subjects:

  • How do you harness the power in your ticket scanning data in order to increase revenue and improve customer experience?

  • Why customer moments possibly are the biggest marketing opportunity in live entertainment.

April 9 – 10
Ticketing Business Forum, Manchester – UK

Your organization has a lot of data at your exposal. But are you making the most out of it? At Ticketing Business Forum we will take part in an important roundtable discussion focusing on how to get more personal by using data and insights.

June 4 – 5
Stadium Business Summit, Manchester – UK

If what Activity Stream has to offer your organization already has caught your attention, and you would like to discover how we make data work for you, you can also request a demo here.