How 7 leading UK venues attracted more than £1m in advertising sponsorship.

Over the past two years, ASM Global, the world’s largest venue operator has been exploring how it engages digitally with fans attending live music and sporting events. One such channel is through enabling in-venue guest Wi-Fi access to visitors in exchange for capturing basic contact data. 


Now, through a successful collaboration with Venue Logic, ASM Global has been able to introduce new functionality and features which allows each venue to drive an incremental revenue stream. This has been achieved through utilizing Venue Logic’s INCAPTIV Wi-Fi platform, displays specific sponsorship messaging during specific events, improving the relevance and targeting of sponsor exposure. Moreover, the platform also allows sponsors to add rich media, such as videos and calls to action, thus, improving audience engagement and conversion rates.


To date, targeted ASM events in London’s iconic Ovo Arena Wembley have captured over 30% of the evening’s audience. Music fans have willingly registered and signed up to receive ongoing sponsor information when the offer is sufficiently compelling.


Gareth Lloyd, the Sponsorship Sales Director at ASM Global, elaborates:

“ASM Global operates an impactful out of home media network in all its venues in the UK. The media network creates great opportunities for brands to engage with passionate event goers. By working with Venue Logic and adding their Wi-Fi infrastructure to the media network we have been able to work collaboratively together and attract some major brands. We have now rolled out Venue Logic’s INCAPTIV platform across seven of our major UK venues. This will allow us to build marketing scale and attract more brands to what is now proving to be a significant incremental revenue stream for ASM Global.”


Building on the success, Venue Logic utilizes Activity Stream to add even more sponsor value to the INCAPTIV platform. By automatically transferring all opt-ins to Activity Stream and tagging with Wi-Fi as the source, venues can set up branded follow-up emails to extend the sponsor context. This gives the sponsorship team more inventory to sell, with detailed reporting on reach, engagement, and conversion.

Stewart Fraser, Director at Venue Logic, commented:

“We continue to build on a successful working collaboration in the UK with ASM Global, Activity Stream and ourselves. Through our experiences to date, we would welcome more opportunities to work alongside Activity Stream and enable more venues across Europe to benefit from the inCaptiv platform.’



Venue Logic’s INCAPTIV service is a Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising platform for public Wi-Fi. It provides a streamlined Wi-Fi onboarding experience that maximizes in-venue engagement and revenue generation opportunities.


To explore ways to leverage Activity Stream and Venue Logic services to create new revenue opportunities for venues, festivals and sports clubs, contact .