Data-Backed Tips for Maximizing Engagement

We analyzed 3 million messages and we’re sharing the biggest takeaways for maximizing audience engagement.

This templateincludes sections for:

  • Messaging Best Practices: 4 data-backed best practices to incorporate in your SMS and email campaigns to better engage your audience.
  • SMS vs Email Conversion Comparison: Understand how different communication methods influence engagement rates and increase secondary spend.

Marketers: Enhance your SMS and email campaigns to drive higher engagement and conversion rates. By personalizing messages, keeping content concise, and strategically placing URLs, you can effectively capture and retain your audience’s attention.

Decision-Makers: Leverage data-driven insights to make informed decisions about communication strategies. Implementing these best practices can lead to increased audience engagement, higher ticket sales, and improved overall event experiences.

Food & Beverage Managers: Optimize pre-show communication to boost secondary spend through food and beverage pre-orders. Timely and targeted messages can encourage attendees to make additional purchases, enhancing their event experience and increasing revenue.

Box Office: Improve customer relations and streamline communication with ticket holders. By applying these best practices, box office staff can ensure clear, concise, and personalized interactions that enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

These best practices can be seamlessly integrated into your existing marketing strategy to maximize engagement and conversions, enhancing the effectiveness of your SMS and email campaigns.

Yes, these tips are proven by our data team at Activity Stream. Backed by data from analyzing 3 million messages sent via crowdEngage over the past 15 months to audiences across the UK, Ireland, and North America.

A simple change to your greeting or salutation can boost your click-through rate by 11%. This is just one of the many insights we’ll be sharing!

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