TuEntrada of Argentina and TuBoleta of Colombia, in total handling more than 7 million tickets per year, will soon be offering their clients state-of-the-art analytics through a partnership with Activity Stream. The initiative is part of TuEntrada and TuBoleta setting their sights on further growth, in part by migrating their services to the Secutix platform.

Esteban Stalgis of TuEntrada elaborates: “Over the coming 6 to 12 months we’ll be moving our clients to the Secutix platform, which will enable us to deliver a great ticketing service in combination with our strong client support and account management. In parallel, we have been exploring how to best support our clients in terms of sales and customer analytics and we decided to go with Activity Stream as they are a specialized partner and can offer our clients further upgrading and integration options.”

Over the coming 2-3 months, the Activity Stream team will work on setting up their services on the Secutix platform. This will provide both TuEntrada and TuBoleta with a full internal overview of clients as well as a “Starter” solution for their clients, enabling them to track sales and customer demographics in real-time.

The project is very important to Activity Stream, and a personal win for Martin Gammeltoft, Commercial VP: “We are seeing a lot of interest for partnering for analytics, with more and more networks realizing that they can’t keep up with specialized partners, so I’m very excited to start working with such ambitious partners and developing our tools in collaboration with them.”

For Eduardo Olea from TuBoleta (Colombia), this marks a new phase for the company: “We are upgrading on all fronts, and basing our solutions on the same platforms as TuEntrada will enable our two companies to offer great services and build best practices. We are looking forward to taking our new offerings to the market.”