In the dynamic world of live entertainment, the synergy between arts organizations and digital agencies is paramount to the success of marketing campaigns.

While internal teams typically manage aspects like email marketing and organic social media posting, many arts organizations work with digital agencies that specialize in the setup and optimization of paid social media campaigns. This partnership can be incredibly effective but often comes with a critical challenge: the agency’s limited access to the organization’s first-party data, which is vital for precisely targeting the right audience.

The question often faced by organizations and their digital agency partners is how to strike the right balance. Should the agency continually request data from the organization, risking delays and resource drain, or should they rely solely on the somewhat generalized interest-based targeting that is natively provided by social media platforms?

Enter the Activity Stream marketing platform, a game-changing solution that solves this challenge and fosters collaboration. By providing digital agencies with access to powerful segmentation tools, Activity Stream empowers them to take control of their targeting strategies.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Segmentation Expertise: Digital agencies can leverage Activity Stream’s segmentation tools to craft highly refined audience segments. These segments are tailored to suit the unique objectives of each campaign, ensuring that marketing campaigns reach the right people.
  2. Approval Workflow: Once agencies have created their segments, they can save them for approval by the organization’s marketing team. This built-in approval workflow ensures that campaigns align with the organization’s broader strategy and messaging.
  3. Effortless Extraction: As soon as the segments are approved, digital agencies can effortlessly extract them from the Activity Stream platform. This means that campaigns can launch promptly, without the need for continuous data requests or reliance on broad interest-based targeting.

“The Activity Stream platform creates an opportunity to simplify the workflow between clients and consultants,” explains Christopher Williams, Managing Director of Capacity Interactive, a New York-based digital marketing consultancy specializing in the arts. “Thanks to the intuitive segmentation tools, practitioners can efficiently create and adjust segments for client approval. This streamlines campaign setup and ongoing optimization, eliminating the need for blind segment requests and the subsequent disappointment of misaligned expectations.”

The benefits of Activity Stream extend beyond just streamlining collaboration; they also include:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The platform reduces back-and-forth communication between agencies and arts organizations, saving valuable time and resources. Campaigns can be executed with precision and agility.
  • Improved Targeting: With direct access to segmentation tools, agencies can fine-tune their targeting strategies, resulting in more effective campaigns, increased conversation rates and higher ROI.
  • Data Security: Organizations can maintain control over their first-party data, ensuring it’s shared only as needed for approved campaigns, enhancing data security.
  • Flexibility: The platform allows for flexibility and adaptation as campaigns evolve, enabling quick adjustments to targeting strategies based on real-time insights.

Activity Stream bridges the gap between arts organizations and digital agencies, ensuring smoother collaboration and more effective marketing campaigns. By granting agencies access to segmentation tools and streamlining the approval process, all parties are empowered to work seamlessly towards common marketing goals.

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