New York, January 19th, 2017  

Shubert Organization, an operator of legendary on and off Broadway theaters, and provider of innovative solutions through the Shubert Ticketing STAR ticketing system is subscribing to Activity Stream and using the AS for Live Entertainment industry specific solution to enable their hundreds of clients to optimize all aspects of their ticket sales workflow. Under the agreement, users of the ChoiceCRM solution take full advantage of artificial intelligence to improve all aspects of complex operations.

AS for Live Entertainment streams all business related data for a uniform real-time view of insights for all members of a team which includes all staff, producers, promoters and other key stakeholders in the complex value chain of theater ticket sales.

Our STAR system has been purpose-built to deal with high volume, fluid, and ever-changing landscape of key theater ticket distributors, marketing platforms and more broad-reaching relationships with FIT’s and OTA’s,” says David Andrews, Senior Vice President of The Shubert Organization.

David Andrews continues, “Activity Stream is a key component in our strategy moving forward, we think about not only where and how our data comes together, but how we use it to generate valuable future-looking insights. We help our partners by pushing the right information to the right people at the right time, creating valuable real-time opportunities for our clients as they think about inventory management, pricing, and marketing.”

We are honored to be trusted by such a respected provider of innovative technology into the intrinsic theater ticketing ecosystem. Their business acumen, insight, and experience not only help us make our machine learning models better but also builds valuable intelligence for the whole live ticketing value chain,” comments Activity Stream’s CEO Einar Saevarsson.

We jointly introduce how artificial intelligence is already impacting the world of ticketing professionals at INTIX 2017 the International Ticketing Association annual conference  in New Orleans in January, and are looking forward to do the same at the upcoming Ticketing Technology Forum in Dublin in March where Activity Stream is shortlisted as the best new CRM/Data Tool,” elaborates Einar Saevarsson.