As one of the most famous festivals of northern Europe, Roskilde Festival is truly an institution in European culture, and a lot of Activity Stream employees have fond memories of attending the festival. But Roskilde Festival is also a very ambitious and forward-thinking organization, always looking to try out new tools, channels, and strategies.

So –  we are happy to announce that over the coming 6 months we’ll be working together to map out how a festival can get the most out of Activity Stream and collaborate on designing new features and tools that can further help the festival improve sales, pricing, and customer communications.

“We are using a lot of different tools, but Activity Stream is the first platform I’ve seen that can bring things together in a very intuitive way and give us a full overview of sales and marketing,” says Mads Mikkelsen, head of marketing at Roskilde Festival. “It’ll be exciting to see what we can achieve and to jointly discuss the longer-term ambitions for using data.”


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