Establishing customer success within organizations is one of the top priorities for the live entertainment industry and by making it easy and fast to communicate with audiences and fans and finding personal ways to connect and engage with them is marketing at its finest. Creating partnerships with organizations that share similar values and visions for theatres, promoters, sports venues and festivals, is highly important when striving to improve solutions, tools and services.

Committed to client and customer satisfaction, TixTrack primarily works with theaters in West End, Broadway and similar, seeing significant growth in this sector. NLiven is TixTrack’s cloud-based enterprise event ticketing system with an easy to use software that allows for a simple use of technology for more successful events.

One of the biggest focuses for Activity Stream in 2021 has been the release of Activate: the email campaign tool that allows for a smooth transition with customer data and targeted campaign marketing for clients. This enables clients to create highly-targeted campaigns in minutes to ensure relevant and purposeful communication going out to their fans and audiences.

TixTrack aims to provide their customers with services that make it easy for their clients to sell the right ticket to the right customer at the right price. In conjunction with TixTrack’s built in business intelligence tools and Activity Stream, the combination of data and intent-based marketing tools allows for personalization and automatization to help organizations sell more tickets.

“We are very excited to work together with Activity Stream,” says Steven Sunshine, CEO of Tixtrack, the company behind the NLiven platform, “We think that our solutions will match well and allow for more customer satisfaction, which is our top priority”

The teams have been working on setting up a real-time integration, allowing mutual clients to get insights and action them, as they happen.

“We are very happy to start the collaboration with TixTrack. They have a strong focus on building great ticketing solutions, and combining our solutions will definitely be hugely valuable to the clients,” says CBO of Activity Stream, Martin Gammeltoft.

Over the coming months, Activity Stream and TixTrack will work to further build out the joint capabilities and get the TixTrack clients introduced to the new possibilities.