Targeted communication has become even more relevant in the live entertainment industry as it allows for higher engagement from fans and audiences and more ticket sales. Getting to know what your fans or audiences want and how to capture the attention of new audiences has become a core focus for many organizations.

Nimax Theatres was looking for a solution that would allow them to market quickly, easily and effectively to their audiences, therefore the sign up at Activity Stream seemed to be a perfect fit. At Activity Stream, the combination of customer data and data-powered marketing tools allows for clients to create personalized campaigns in minutes.

Founded in 2005 by theatrical producers Nica Burns and Max Weitzenhoffe, Nimax Theatres runs 6 of the largest theatres in the west end including Palace, Lyric, Apollo, and Garrick. Since they started working with the Nliven platform, they have optimized how they work with inventory, but now wanted to strengthen their audience insights and segmentation capabilities.

Nimax Theatres work closely with the producers of the shows, however sharing information with them can become time consuming and cause unnecessary frustration. Activity Stream allows them to easily share access to individual shows with the producers which will provide them with less stress and more possibilities to connect to their audiences.

“We are very eager to be working together with Activity Stream” says Laurence Miller, the Commercial Director for Nimax, “it will be wonderful to be able to send out personalized campaigns to our audiences and connect with them for an enhanced and greater theatre experience”

“We are happy to invite Nimax Theatres into the Activity Stream world and help them navigate their communication through our tools and solutions. Since Activity Stream has partnered up with NLiven, this will allow for Nimax theatres to sell more tickets in a simple and easy way” says Martin Gammeltoft, CBO of Activity Stream.

Nimax will be signed up for the platform and Activate: the email solution in the next following weeks.