We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership in the Live Entertainment Industry! Activity Stream is integrating with Onebox.

Activity Stream will now be helping Onebox clients upgrade their sales and marketing strategies, access valuable audience real-time insights, and easily set up segments for targeted campaigns and communications.

What Is Onebox?

A leading ticketing platform from Spain with over 30 million ticket sales until today. Onebox serves various venues, including Art Galleries, Museums, Race Circuits, Stadiums & Arenas, Theaters, and Theme Parks.

The company’s mission is to upgrade and manage its customers’ ticketing operations, the organization supports its clients from the initial stage of setting up an event to validating tickets at the given venue.

Learn more about Onebox End-To-End Ticketing Solutions here.

How does the integration work?

Activity Stream helps Onebox clients of all sizes keep their marketing and ticket sales data in sync. Ticket sales and customer information will flow from the Onebox integration into the Activity Stream platform. Onebox clients will have an easy, intuitive way to see how their sales are doing and what campaigns are working.

Combining data into advanced customer profiles allows the marketing team to create and activate relevant audiences to boost ticket sales easily.

Skyrocketing venues using Onebox with Activity Stream

The three main advantages of integrating your Onebox with Activity Stream:

  • Understand your audience and behavior with intuitive dashboards based on demographics, past/current events, sales, and campaigns.

  • Set up your email campaigns in our Email Marketing Tool. Use the existing drag & drop customizable templates to engage and re-engage your audience. (Check out – 4 Tips To Improve Your Email Design)

  • Segment (group and label) your audience and easily export it to CSV files to optimize your lookalike campaigns across Facebook & Google Ads.

A word from Jordi Cert x Onebox

“The addition of Activity Stream to our portfolio of integrated products enables our customers to access state-of-the-art Marketing Intelligence solutions. The Activity Stream solution is having a very good reception among our clients thanks to the rapid implementation and its friendly design. In addition, it also offers customer segmentation solutions that complement very well with the large amount of data generated by the transactions carried out on our platform.” – Jordi Cert ( Chief Revenue Officer at Onebox)

A word from Martin Gammeltoft x Activity Stream

“We are very excited to be partnering with Onebox and bringing our services to their clients. The Spanish market is developing rapidly, with venues looking to improve their marketing, communication, and audience engagement. Working with Onebox to help further this development is very exciting for us.” – Martin G. (VP Commercial Operations)

How Do I Activate My Onebox Integration?

Unlock your digital possibilities and sell more tickets – get your Onebox integrated with Activity Stream. Ready to integrate? Learn more about the process and/or ask us anything at alvaro@activitystream.es.

How Can Onebox Help Your Business?

Onebox provides multiple features which work together to provide an efficient customer journey.

End-To-End Ticketing Solutions:

  • Event Configuration

  • Inventory Management

  • Digital Venue Designer

  • Channel Manager

  • Price & Discount Engine

  • CRM & Business Intelligence

  • Ticketing Hardware

  • Ecommerce & B2B Sales Portal

We look forward to welcoming many new clients and smooth collaboration in shaping the future of ticketing with Onebox soon.

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