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16 Iconic Venues Join Activity Stream!

Updated: Feb 2

Activity Stream is proud to share with you our new partnerships with 16 iconic venues around the world.

We find inspiration in our clients, passionate about live entertainment and providing moving experiences to anyone crossing their path. In return, we offer them support and solutions to plan their events, target and retain their audiences.

Immerse yourself in the limitless world of art. Here are our new clients and some of the top venues to visit in your lifetime!

  1. Espoo City Theatre

  2. Royal Opera House

  3. Fox Tucson Theatre

  4. National Concert Hall

  5. Mehr Entertainment

  6. Erfgoedsite Abdij van het Park

  7. Louisiana Philharmonic

  8. Stockport County FC

  9. Theater Elckerlyc

  10. Thornden Hall Arts Centre

  11. AMATA at Falmouth University

  12. Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival

  13. Cultural Centre Sint-Niklaas

  14. UCL Pearl

  15. Kloden Teater Oslo

  16. Dr Phillips Center

1. Espoo City Theatre Espoo, Finland

Founded in 1988, Espoo City Theatre is also known as the International Theatre of Finland. The productions held at the theater consist mainly of contemporary drama and modern classics, as well as regularly showcasing opera, dance, and performance art productions.

Additionally, they have expanded into new fields reflecting on the changing world around us by producing virtual reality, AI-simulated experiences. The theater hosts both domestic and international guest performers.

2. Royal Opera House Covent Garden, Central London

The Royal Opera House is a world-leading opera company directed by Oliver Mears in Central London. The venue is home to The Royal Opera, The Royal Ballet, and the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House.

A historical feature in London employed as a dance hall during World War II and re-opened in 1946 with an extravagant performance of The Sleeping Beauty, designed by Oliver Messel. Furthermore, they have introduced an initiative, Engender, to highlight female talent backstage and onstage.

3. Fox Tucson Theatre Tucson, Arizona

The Fox Tucson Theatre is a historic, non-profit theater aiming to enliven Tucson by making memories and fostering the community's growth. The Fox is a premier live performance venue, showcasing classic films on their big screen, providing an intimate event experience. The venue hosts approximately 150-160 events annually and opens its doors to over 75,000 theater attendees.

4. National Concert Hall Dublin, Ireland

The National Concert Hall, located in the heart of Dublin’s city center, is a National Cultural Institution recognized as the designated music home in Ireland. The venue hosts over 1,000 events annually, nurturing the largest possible audience of all ages to participate and share their love for music and live performance.

5. Mehr Entertainment Düsseldorf, Germany

Mehr Entertainment is a large German theater group operating five venues, including the Capital Theater in Düsseldorf, The Starlight Express Theater in Bochum, and Mehr! Theater in Hamburg, the Musical Dome in Köln, and the Admiral Palace in Berlin. These venues are home to unforgettable musical performances, attracting a high amount of local visitors as well as international guests.

6. Erfgoedsite Abdij van het Park Belgium

Park Abbey, a 12th-century heritage site and popular nature reserve located on the outskirts of Leuven in Belgium has plenty to offer for all ages.

The park offers various activities for visitors to book, ranging from expos and guided tours in which you will come across various art pieces from the 17th century to live performances and music. Visitors may also choose to just take a bike ride, exploring the nature the park has to offer, with its ponds, farmlands, meadows, and more.

7. Louisiana Philharmonic New Orleans, Louisiana

The Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra (LPO) was formed in 1991 and is the oldest musician-governed and collaboratively operated orchestra in the US. Its mission is to maintain orchestral music as an integrated part of the educational and cultural life of locals and visitors for the entire state of Louisiana.

The orchestra's season lasts 36 weeks, with 67 musicians performing in 120 performances (from classics to family and community engagement concerts).

8. Stockport County FC Stockport, England

Stockport County FC is a professional football club based in Stockport, England. They compete in EFL League Two, the fourth tier of the English football league system.

Their season ticket sales are reaching the 5,000 mark, a new club record as the club prepares to re-enter the Football league after being away for 11 years.

In November 2021, the club appointed a former captain, Dave Challinor, as the County Manager. Dave led the club to a score of 20 wins in 21 games in all competitions, securing the club's re-entry into the football league.

9. Theater Elckerlyc Antwerp, Belgium

Theater Elckerlyc is a group that works with several prominent theater partners to provide their guests with a wide range of entertainment.

The theater offers performances in various genres, mainly focusing on comedy, making it a family-friendly place. The theater is also a sought-after venue for events, with the possibility of holding seated dining events, conferences, and more.

10. Thornden Hall Arts Centre Eastleigh, United Kingdom

Thornden Hall Arts Centre, founded in 2003, supports the Performing Arts Departments in Thornden School and is praised for its event cinema screenings and touring performers.

The venue hosts performances by local and community groups and amateur and professional companies, with an annual entertainment program. Thornden Hall is home to Hampshire County Youth Orchestra and Thornden Community Choir.

11. AMATA at Falmouth University United Kingdom

The Academy of Music and Theatre Arts (AMATA) is a department of Falmouth University in which students can apply to kickstart or develop their careers as professional performers, musicians, managers, or technicians.

Students can work in digital and virtual environments with industry professionals such as Island Records. AMATA hosts various performances, from drama to performance art, to musicals.

12. Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival Garrison, New York

The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, founded in 1987, is a New York Times critically acclaimed professional, non-profit theater located in Garrison, New York.

The setting adds to the venue's unique atmosphere, as the festival takes place in an open-air tent overlooking the Hudson River, hosting approx. 50,000 people annually. In recent years, the festival has expanded and has toured other venues throughout the Hudson Valley.

13. Cultural Centre Sint-Niklaas St.Niklaas, Belgium

The Cultural Centre Sint-Niklaas (CC Sint-Niklaas) provides its contribution to Berlin’s society through culture, art, and creativity. The center highly values the urban environment and promotes sustainability, with aims to further develop Sint-Niklaas into a tolerant and pleasant environment for all.

The center has taken the initiative to provide an opportunity for education within the fields of dance, music, and circus for young children.

14. UCL Pearl London, United Kingdom

UCL Pearl (Person-Environment-Activity Research Laboratory) is a unique facility that explores how people interact with the environment.

The laboratory is 4,000m2 and 10m high, allowing the construction of life-sized replicas of environments; a railway station, town square, and high street. The environments can be stimulated by adjusting the intensity of lighting, and sounds, applying features such as explosions, and other elements affecting human senses such as smell.

15. Kloden Teater Oslo, Norway

Kloden Teatern is the heart of Oslo’s largest modern-day development area. With its pilot stage opening in the spring of 2021, the theater currently showcases performances, events, and other artistic projects.

The pilot stage is an experimental project which enables artists to test their content and programs, which leads up to the opening of Kloden theater in 2025. Kloden theater is enthusiastic about children and the youth, who have the opportunity to explore their expressions with the various artists.

16. Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts Orlando, Florida

Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts believes in creating accessible experiences which educate an audience as much as they entertain.

Their two-block venue includes the Walt Disney Theater, Alexis and Jim Pugh Theater, Seneff Arts Plaza, and many more venues. From opening in 2014 to featuring shows ranging from ballet to Broadway, the venue has been named one of Travel + Leisure Magazine’s “25 New Tourist Attractions Worth Adding to Your Bucket List.”

Thank you … ALL.

Thank you for believing in our vision. You inspire us through each step of our work together, and we trust that our solution will allow you to achieve your highest marketing and sales potential. Let our journey begin! - Activity Stream Team

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