Sustainable travel options

The YST travel assistant interface can now be seamlessly incorporated into crowdEngage, an Activity Stream Solution, making accessibility and usability of sustainable travel options even more convenient. By leveraging the information about the customer, relevant transportation options can be personalized and conveniently presented.

Chris Thompson, CEO at YST, explains, “The greatest challenge in providing personalized low-carbon travel plans to audiences isn’t maintaining the routing algorithm or ensuring we’ve integrated and are recommending the most appropriate modes of transport. It is visitor engagement. The high engagement rates of crowdEngage enable us to nudge behavior change at the point of consideration, guiding audiences to the right place, at the right time, in the most sustainable way possible.”

Streamlining Data Delivery

The partnership will also see Activity Stream deliver data in a unified format to YST, making setup easier for organizations looking to promote sustainable travel options and reduce their carbon footprint. By utilizing Activity Stream’s ticketing integrations, YST can dedicate its efforts to platform development and setting up organizations, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

“At Activity Stream, we believe that digital platforms can play a critical role in reducing the environmental impact of live events. By providing event data to YST, we are helping to make sustainable travel choices more accessible to event attendees. This partnership is another step towards a more sustainable future and demonstrates our commitment to positively impacting the environment”, says Martin Gammeltoft, CBO at Activity Stream and responsible for sustainable partnerships.

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We are excited about this partnership’s possibilities and encourage event organizers to use ‘You. Smart. Thing.’ to promote sustainable travel choices at their events. For more information about the YST service, please visit