When it comes to creating meaningful customer moments for your clients, the above Norwegian proverb really says it all: many small strokes fell great oaks. It’s all about the little things you can do for your customers to make their experience so much more than special.

If you, for instance, would know if any of your loyal customers had her birthday when coming to your venue, think of everything you could do to help them make attending your event and being your customer a much more valuable experience. An experience they will talk about, share with others and help establish an even more personal relationship with your business.

Kind of euphoric idea which is already made possible by Activity Stream and more importantly already taken advantage of by Activity Stream clients, benefiting their customers. So enter Stavanger Symphony Orchestra in Stavanger, Norway and their loyal customers, we are calling AH.

One of the many AI-based observations developed by Activity Stream automatically alerts the venue operator of a customer’s birthday when he or she is attending an event. The first Stavanger Symphony Orchestra customer to benefit from this particular observation, who otherwise would just be yet another loyal music lover, really got the royal treatment she had earned.

A series subscriber, AH was attending a performance at the Stavanger Koncerthus, another Activity Stream customer which is a venue also featuring a restaurant where she decided to start the evening. Waiting for her was a birthday card with complimentary tickets to another event. Furthermore, she got upgraded to the first balcony, first row, center. Best seats in the house, next to Morten Warland, CEO of Stavanger Konserthus, who greeted her with a “Happy Birthday” and a CD by the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra.

AH sent a message back to thank for this AI-based observation turned customer moment turned unique experience. Translated from Norwegian:

I’d like to thank you for making my birthday so great Yesterday. It was extraordinary to experience the concert from the beautiful seating, The performance was amazing. It’s been a while since I heard Brahms’ 4th symphony live. It is so great.

I’d also like to thank you for the tickets to the Andsnes concert. I’ll look forward to going. Thank you so much!

You too can create amazing experiences for your audience by connecting your data and have the Activity Stream solution for Live Entertainment automatically spot opportunities for you to strengthen the relationship with all your customers.

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