When running campaigns on multiple platforms, there is a chance to lose track of how each campaign is performing. This could mean that too little budget goes to the effective campaigns, and money is wasted on those that are not converting.

Say hello to Campaign Overview – a new addition of features in Activity Stream. Along with the recently released Sales Channels, the release of Campaign Overview enables Activity Stream to offer an advanced tool for tracking your digital campaigns with all the insights gathered in one application.

It’s important to have an eye on all details of your marketing campaign (among all the other details you need to oversee), and with Campaign Overview you will get that overview, to make sure you spend your marketing budget efficiently.

With Campaign Overview, you can get a quick overview of active campaigns across all platforms and easily see which campaigns are working and whether they are attracting a new audience or your existing customers.

Campaign metrics are shown real-time, so you can act where it needs your attention. In other words, campaign management has just become a lot easier with Campaign Overview.

The most important metrics are shown at a glance:

  • Total impressions

  • Total clicks

  • Total cost

  • ROAS

  • Percentage of first-time buyers

While you have the overall metrics at a glance, you can always dive into breakdowns of the interaction of each campaign or campaign group to get a more granular look.

Go and try it out, if you are already using Activity Stream. If you are not yet a user of Activity Stream, please get in touch at sales@activitystream.com for a demo.