Do you know your top customers? Do you know your top customers live close by or far away? And for a specific event category? Do you know the behavior and demography of key segments?

Exploiting the power of Activity Stream’s platform, users are now able to explore their customer base in depth, easily finding key customers and segments for any given period and discover key behavioral differences. Hundreds of thousands of customers can easily be analyzed in seconds, enabling users to explore hypotheses and discover “blind spots”.

The Customer Overview has been one of the most requested features of Activity Stream, as gaining an overview of the large datasets of customers typically is not possible without expert assistance. Consequently, this is only done annually (at best) and does not allow any further exploration.

With the Customer Overview in Activity Stream, users can look at top customers, find the most valuable customers that have gone passive, and dive into key behavioral traits of segments and genres. As version 1 is now rolled out to clients, we are looking forward to learning more about the views and analyses it inspires… More to follow!

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