Folketeateret, the famous theatre in Oslo and once the main stage of the Norwegian Opera, has started using Activity Stream for getting deeper insights into sales patterns and customer segments.

With their 10-year anniversary approaching, managing director Knud Dahl is looking to strengthen communications based on better customer segmentation: “​We are always trying to increase the understanding of our customers and see how we are developing our customer base. With Activity Stream we get some great tools to better manage our business and support the growth we have experienced​.”

For Folketeateret, another important aspect of Activity Stream has been the ability to set up users with specific access, as they both have internal and external producers and previously spent a lot of time providing them with up-to-date reports on ticket sales and campaign performance.

Folketeateret has been using Eventim Inhouse for ticketing since early this year and is the first Activity Stream client to be set up on Inhouse.

Martin Gammeltoft from Activity Stream comments: “​It’s always a complicated process to set up a client on a new network, but Eventim has been a great partner during the process and we see a huge potential in now being able to set up Inhouse clients in a matter of weeks. Their list of clients is very impressive and we are looking forward to add our solutions to their platforms, starting with Inhouse​.”

How to increase the understanding of your customers

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