If you want to experience a blend of different art genres such as acrobatics, dance, music and theatre, the CHAMÄLEON Theatre creates this thrilling atmosphere for contemporary circus located in the heart of Berlin.

As Activity Stream’s first Eventim client, Activity Stream plans to provide Chamäleon with a set up of the new platform and the email campaign tool to help them send highly targeted campaigns, allowing them to reach larger audiences and sell more tickets.

“It was important to us to find one source/software to store, evaluate, analyse and use all our customer data. In connection with CTS Eventim, Google Analytics and other tools Activity Stream seems like the perfect solution while maintaining a very high standard for data protection aspects, usability and gaining a real benefit for our employees to fulfill their role and to maximize the success of the undertaken activities” says Hendrik Frobel, the Managing and Theatre Director of Chamäleon Theatre.

Chamäleon’s focus has been on implementing a secure digitalization strategy by using data and analytics to guide them into generating more revenue.

“We were looking for a platform that could help us analyze and use our database more efficiently and could also be connected to other services we use. Activity Stream seems impressively easy to use and I look forward to exploring the new insights and options it provides us with in order to better understand and connect with our audiences” says Dagmar Helmer, the Marketing and Social Media Manager at Chamäleon Theatre.

In the next few weeks, Chamäleon will be set up with Activity Stream in order to easily create more personalized campaigns for their audiences.