Reducing Events’ Environmental Footprint

The partnership leverages Activity Stream’s integrations with ticketing systems, enabling audience data for individual events to be captured. Circular Unity uses this data to calculate emissions based on audience travel, helping event organizers understand their events’ environmental footprint and identify improvement areas.

Circular Unity’s ImpactAll platform is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of events’ environmental footprint. It allows event organizers to track emissions across different areas, including energy use, waste management, and transportation. By partnering with Activity Stream, we enhance the accuracy of data related to audience travel, enabling organizers to make well-informed decisions regarding their events.

“By partnering with Activity Stream, we are one step closer to automating carbon emission calculations for live events. Their unique capabilities in collecting and transforming data allow us to work with event organizers across many ticketing platforms without setting up custom integrations. As manual processes pose a big challenge to many organizations, we believe this partnership will enable many more organizations to further their work on measuring and lowering their carbon footprint”, says Eduardo Lebre, co-founder and CEO of Circular Unity.

Martin Gammeltoft, CBO of Activity Stream, adds, “We believe that sustainability is an essential part of any event planning process. With this partnership, we hope to raise awareness of the impact of live events on the environment and encourage organizers to reduce their carbon footprint. By working together, Activity Stream and Circular Unity can make a real difference in the events industry and promote a more sustainable future for all.”

The partnership will also explore how data capture and integrations via crowdEngage and Yesplan can further improve the measurement and reduction initiatives.

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