Now you can track all your digital activities automatically as Activity Stream is launching web tracking as part of the standard solution, mapping it to ticket purchases and customer characteristics, all in real time.

How does that impact your marketing?

  • You get a much better tracking of all your campaigns, with campaign evaluation linked to full information about the event, customer and transaction details. This means that you can see how many first time buyers bought from a given campaign and the other characteristics they share.

  • You can see all campaigns, regardless if they are run by you, a partner, the artist or a third party service.

  • You can easily separate your different touchpoints to see if it is your website, facebook event pages or campaigns that drive sales. All channels display average ticket prices, lead time and much more enabling you to improve the use of your various marketing channels.

How does it work?

In cooperation with our partners, major ticketing networks like Ticketmaster, AXS, Spektrix and Ticketek, we have embedded pixels in the buying process. Each time a customer interacts with your website, newsletter, or a SoMe campaign, bringing them to your website, it triggers the pixel and logs the data. The data collected is sent to the Activity Stream platform and displayed in our user-friendly dashboards, so you can monitor the online behavior of your customers and take the necessary actions to convert customers into sales.

Discover web tracking and Activity Stream further

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