Motivation and determination, to the live entertainment industry, have been core factors in keeping Activity Stream alive during all of this chaos. We have – no doubt – had our share with the rollercoaster of emotions of this past year, however the dedication that we have to seeing the live entertainment industry thrive once again has kept us going.

At Activity Stream, we are always looking for a way that we can strengthen our perspective and connect with others in the industry. So when there was an opening for a seat at the INITX Board, our CBO, Martin Gammeltoft, was eager to join.

“I’m very proud and excited to join the board of Intix,” says Martin, “I believe that there is an enormous potential for the industry to work even closer together and learn from each other – especially bringing together perspectives from different regions. I have no doubt that it will be an enormous learning experience and I look forward to working with the very competent group of people that make up the board.”

The INTIX Board is a governing body for INTIX that provides strategic oversight for the association and helps to envision the future of ticketing.

Activity Stream is very excited to have one of our leaders join the board to help support the industry. Martin will be able to provide perspective to the board in terms of engaging with audiences through data and marketing.