Activity Stream is surprised, delighted and humbled to be nominated for Iceland’s Best AI/Machine Learning Startup in the Nordic Startup Awards 2019. On top of this, our CEO, Einar Sævarsson, has also been nominated for Founder of the Year, making it a double for Activity Stream in 2019!

It’s so nice to get recognized for all our hard work and it really puts everything that we’ve been doing so far into perspective. For being nominated, we’d like to extend our gratitude to the Nordic Startup Awards and Global Startup Awards for taking the time to notice what we’re doing. The Global Startup awards aim to recognize pioneers in the tech industry, who have shown outstanding achievements in business and service to the community. As such, they help to give companies like Activity Stream a platform to showcase what they can do.

As well as being nominated in 2019, we were also lucky enough to win the 2018 award, and we’re hoping that we can match our position from last year. In 2017, we also took home the Icelandic Startup of the year prize, which was a huge thing for us at the time. Getting attention from such a huge competition on a global scale really helped to put us on the map and gave us the confidence to continue moving forward as a company.

Being considered for this award is truly a testament to all the amazing people that make up Activity Stream. Without a team like ours, it would be impossible to move forward as quickly as we have over recent years. As a result, we’d like to thank everyone who puts the work in to make Activity Stream special.

Voting for this year is now underway and is being done by both an expert jury and a public vote. Having a public vote means that you can actually help us out by voting for Activity Stream here.

The results are getting released in early November, so get voting!


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