In November of 2019, Activity Stream was invited to take part in the Google Marketing Innovation Program, aiming to explore what value could be created for marketers from combining the context of sales and customers and the campaign engine from Google Ads.

From November to March, the teams collaborated on how to set up the best possible tools for targeting and tracking campaigns, which was a great learning experience for the Activity Stream team. As the project evolved, a long list of ideas was generated, resulting in both short term and long term plans for the toolset.

As Covid19 hit, the project got slightly postponed, but now that the first set of tools are being released, it will give marketers a full overview of campaigns and enable them to easily filter by what events they are targeting and follow the trends in key metrics.

Over the summer, the team will add more capabilities, making it possible to adjust and suspend campaigns from within Activity Stream, thereby saving time and improving campaign performance.

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