We’re delighted to announce that Activity Stream is going green through signing up to Climaider, Activity Stream is now contributing to an offsetting scheme that contributes to carbon positive forest and methane projects.

The scheme is designed to offset Activity Stream’s emissions, which mostly come from maintaining our servers, getting flights to meetings and conferences, and running our office spaces. Our total emissions in all of what we do are calculated in order to give us a total, which we then use to determine how much to offset. When deciding how much to offset, we wanted to do more than just match this total, aiming to actually become carbon positive as a company. As a result, we decided to contribute double our total emissions, in order to both move forward as a carbon positive company, but also to offset our previous emissions before the scheme.

Activity Stream is also conscious that offsetting alone isn’t enough if its just an excuse to keep doing the same. Consequently, Activity Stream is also working towards developing more sustainable practices within the company and with our partners. We’re doing this currently by trying to reduce the number of flights that our team takes in order to get to meetings. This means that we’re having more meetings electronically and only taking flights when we feel we have to.

Going green is something that is massively important to Activity Stream, being both how we want to do things and also how we want to interact with our clients. Our new approach is in line with the policies and requests of many of our partners from across the globe, reflecting how we’d like to work together in making our practices and associations more sustainable.

We’d ultimately like to encourage others and our partners to take whatever positive steps they can to move towards realizing this shared goal.