It is no doubt that 2020 has been a year that has guided Activity Stream to put most of the attention on developing. Whether that be improving our interpersonal relationships or updating our platform, this has allowed us to focus on making improvements and understand even deeper what the needs of our clients are.

Activity Stream has taken initiative to make this happen by improving integration with Eventim. This includes incorporating more data points, most notably Eventim’s customer classifications, enabling advanced filtering and segmentation across sales and marketing, and analysis of the behavioral patterns of specific groups. Plans have also been laid out to further add relevant data over the coming months.

“Uniquely, we are delivering a real-time analytics platform to Eventim clients, and we are very happy that we are now able to further improve the value for our clients. With the improvements, clients can get advanced audience insights and better target campaigns, and will soon be able to get better inventory insights” reports our CBO, Martin Gammeltoft

The improvements will be rolled out to clients over the coming months. In order to further improve the setup process, Eventim has parallel automated data deliveries, which will reduce the setup time significantly for future clients.