Press Release On Activity Stream’s Simply Sophisticated Platform

In less than a year, there has been too much happening in the world than one person can keep up with. The industry has truly transformed itself and updated the way we work. A positive outcome of 2020 is that it gave us the wake up call that we needed. The ability to be able to reflect and rethink has become such a vital element in the future of the live entertainment industry.

For quite some time, Activity Stream had already been considering ways on how to improve their platform. This meant reflecting on how to maintain the positives, but to also pursue the negatives in order to strengthen the platform. The desire to make something even more simple and valuable for the client became especially relevant as the pandemic hit.

After a long period of hard work between the team, the clients, and the partners, Activity Stream is humbled to launch their advanced platform with updated features, new capabilities, and a more aesthetic experience!

This launch goes beyond affirming Activity Stream’s easy-to-use tool to help organizations grow their revenues and expand their businesses. The new platform gives the user an even deeper understanding of their organization and their audiences by offering them more time and flexibility to be progressive and effective, discover and understand their customers, and learn and adapt quickly.

Einar Saevarsson, CEO of Activity Stream​, announces: ​“We are beyond excited to be launching our simple, yet sophisticated platform. We have worked intensely with our partners, some of the most iconic venues in the world, and with our team – to take in all the requests and feedback – making the new platform a powerful tool for organizations everywhere. One of the key requests from our partners has been to add tools for marketing optimization, and we can now extend our capabilities immensely over the coming months. The first updates will enable real-time tracking of campaigns from both Google Ads and Facebook Ads, saving both time and money for our clients.”

In the process of updating the tool, Activity Stream knew that this meant to really take the time and effort into refining the product from the infrastructure, security and privacy to the front end tools and UI.

“Growing with the client is such a big part of our dynamic.” ​says ​Sander Joesaar, head of Customer Success at ActivityStream.​The new platform is truly a result of close collaboration. It has been exciting to explore the user feedback and update the platform to accommodate all the specific suggestions and wishes.”

Over the next upcoming months, new clients will be set up on the new platform, and existing clients will be migrated.