We’re super excited to announce that Activity Stream has been named as a featured innovator in IQ Magazine’s 2019 International Ticketing Yearbook! Activity Stream is featured as one of the key companies pushing the industry forward in 2019.

The International Ticketing Yearbook 2019 is the latest comprehensive review of the global ticketing industry, exploring new trends, markets, and technologies from around the world. It looks for new approaches and advances by a number of people in the industry, asking where the industry is headed and how it is changing.

“New tech being used by ticketing firms is not only helping combat fraud, but also means there can be a better understanding for who is attending events, this offers exciting opportunities to understand audiences better and provide better services and experiences as a result.”- James Drury, Editor 

This year’s edition focuses on the strong trend of “dynamism and innovation” in the sector. This covers the emergence of new technologies such as facial recognition and augmented reality, alongside developments in subscription-based models and mobile ticketing. Activity Stream is featured as a leader in providing analytics as a service, making advanced data tools accessible to a much wider range of organizations and roles.

Congratulations to all the other featured Innovators:

Oxynade, Ticketline, TicketPlan, Gigantic, The Ticket Factory, Ticketmaster, Tickets.ie,  FanDragon Technologies