NEW YORK and TORONTO, April 12, 2023 — Today, Activity Stream announced a partnership with AudienceView, a global leader providing comprehensive ticketing and e-commerce solutions to the live events industry. The integration makes it even easier for AudienceView Unlimited clients to put data at the center of every communication and marketing campaign.

Uniting Industry-leading Solutions

By joining together the powerful capabilities of Activity Stream and AudienceView, event marketers can more effectively build audiences and engage with consumers for upcoming events. Creating high-converting customer segments is now effortless, based on interests, online activity, past purchase behavior, and other criteria.

​“We are excited to partner with AudienceView. We have a shared commitment to providing solutions that allow live entertainment organizations to easily create and deliver exceptional experiences for their audiences. Together, we provide solutions that foster innovation and mutual growth, transforming the industry as a whole.” – Einar Saevarsson, CEO of Activity Stream

Data Visualization and Email Marketing

A best-in-class data visualization and segmentation tool, Activity Stream adeptly merges customer data from various sources, such as ticket sales, email marketing campaigns, website analytics, and social media advertising. This integration produces a richer and more relevant data set, resulting in a deeper understanding of event attendees.

Activity Stream’s email marketing platform is also available for AudienceView Unlimited clients. The user-friendly tool features drag-and-drop functionality, email templates with conditional blocks, reporting on engagement, and integrated AI prompts to help generate top-selling copy.

With Activity Stream, event marketers can build hyper-targeted segments and deliver email campaigns in just a few clicks.

“This integration makes it even easier for our clients to put data at the center of every communication and marketing campaign, resulting in a deeper understanding of their audience. We are committed to offering continuous innovation and development, and we are excited to see the mutual growth that this partnership will bring to our industry as a whole.”
– Mark Fowlie, CEO of AudienceView

Discover Our Partnership

This integration is already available for AudienceView Unlimited clients to utilize. Our teams at Activity Stream and AudienceView are committed to offering continuous innovation and development.

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About Activity Stream

The Activity Stream Group envisions a world where live entertainment organizations have the power to create and deliver exceptional experiences for their audiences effortlessly. Drawing on our expertise in live entertainment and innovative technology, we’ve created a suite of solutions tailored to support live event organizers in every phase of the event lifecycle. From the initial conception of an event to the final settlement, our solutions help you manage your venue, build an audience, and deliver an unforgettable visitor experience.

With 600+ clients across 20 countries, you will find Activity Stream solutions in many of the world’s largest entertainment capitals. Learn more about our solutions and what we stand for here.

About AudienceView

Combining innovative technology with individualized client support, AudienceView has been leading the way in event ticketing and e-commerce solutions for over 20 years. Our global team stands behind our mission to transform how events are discovered, attended, and remembered, with over 80% of our client-facing team having previous experience at a live event organization or venue. Our solutions drive efficient, integrated operations for 2,100+ organizations across 12 countries and transact over $5M in ticket sales and $1M in donations each day. Our products, services, and partnerships help you produce great events with technology that keep your customers coming back to your events, all through your brand. Learn more at

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