Earlier this year, product sales and donations were added to the Activity Stream solution in order to give a better overview of the total revenue for customers. Until recently, the solution only included product sales through ticketing platforms. However, due to Covid19 abruptly suspending all ticket sales, there has been an increased focus to incorporate merchandise sales to support local markets. As a result, Activity Stream has developed capabilities to take in product sales from other platforms.

For Irish football club Shamrock Rovers, the focus shifted rapidly from selling tickets to selling merchandise, therefore, an improved overview was needed to help them understand sales and campaigns, especially during this time.

“With no matches and no ticket income, we had to come up with campaigns to support the club and keep fans close”, says Brendan Murray, the CEO of Shamrock Rovers. He continues: “As part of our data strategy it was important to bring the merchandise sales into the context of ticket sales and customer demographics, and start creating richer fan profiles.”

In May, the Activity Stream team analyzed and organized data flows from Shopify to the existing Shamrock Rovers solution, giving the sales team at Shamrock real time visualization of sales and enabling them to see who was buying what. Opt-ins coming from product sales are also mapped to the fan profiles so the marketing team can easily transfer them to their email tool.

“It was a very satisfying project, as we’ve long wanted to extend our capabilities into non-ticketing sales platforms. Now that we’ve done the first one, we can easily add sales from point-of-sale platforms, webshops, and apps. In the post-Covid19 period, it’ll be incredibly important to optimize revenue generation across all opportunities”, says Martin Gammeltoft from Activity Stream.