As we described in the first article of this blog series where, we explore the value of connected data, we are frequently drilled on the subject. So based on our experience, we decided to further explain how specific data sources provide organizations with immediate value when enriched or connected with other data.

In this article we cover the 5 most common ways you add value out of gating your Wi-Fi access and connecting Wi-Fi usage data with Activity Stream or a similar service:

  1. Address ‘the ticketing curse’
    It’s a thing for a reason. Most organizations in Live Entertainment and Sports can only identify 30-40% of the people at their events because so many are a part of a group or have bought tickets anonymously. Setting up a gated WiFi network helps get better insight into who actually attends the events. You can then use the data to target attendees in future campaigns.

  2. Improve segmentation
    By combining the information retrieved from purchases and attendances (when the customer didn’t buy the ticket but used the WiFi), you can get a better understanding of your audience. This enables you to create highly targeted communications and campaigns.

  3. Use Wi-Fi usage information to enrich customer data
    Most WiFi gating systems allow you to set up custom sign-in forms, so this touchpoint can even be used to enrich the profiles of existing customers (date-of-birth, favorite player, the brand of their car, etc). In venues with poor mobile coverage, people tend to be highly motivated and willing to answer a few questions.

  4. Track Wi-Fi users as a segment
    Tagging customers as WiFi users will enable you to look at this group as a segment and track their business value.

  5. Track campaigns from Wi-Fi gating
    Some gating software lets you run specific campaigns. You should track interactions and map out how these interactions are directly converting or assisting sales.

There it is. Connecting your Wi-Fi data to enrich existing customer information is beneficial and is in our experience a clever way to increase the relevance of your campaigns.

We would love a ping if you too have done some of this or have discovered smart ways to improve business by enriching data.