Building reach is very valuable to any organization, as it enables a (cost) effective way of reaching customers through newsletters and targeted campaigns, but how do you grow the number of marketing permissions? Here’s a list of ideas…

1. Make newsletter signup part of your ticket buying process

Most ticketing systems allow you to make newsletter signup part of the buying process.

2. Set up competitions (Facebook or similar)

Set up a competition demanding “payment” with marketing permission to enter. The signups you get from competitions may be lower quality, though, if the competition prize is not a core product.

3. Do pre-sales to newsletter subscribers, and let people know through SoMe/event pages

If you have an event that’ll go on sale which is expected to sell out quickly, or where the best seats will be going fast, advertise that newsletter subscribers will get a special presale link.

4. Pre-event information mail-out

The days leading up to an event are a unique opportunity to communicate with your customers. Exceptional open and click rates are to be expected and you can discreetly push newsletter signup.

5. Post-event survey with a newsletter option

After events, say thank you and ask them to complete a quick survey. Part of the survey can be asking them to connect with you through a newsletter signup.

6. Gated content

Set up a video interview with a notable member of cast, the director, or a musician from the band. Or even a behind-the-scenes tour of the venue. Marketing-focused video services allow you to put content behind a signup requirement.

7. Offer wifi with permission requirement

In venues/stadiums with limited mobile coverage or bandwidth, wifi can be a permission driver (and also collect data on the attendants that didn’t buy their ticket).

8. Have staff collect permissions at events

Using competition flyers, iPads or just a clipboard, ask people to sign up. Especially at large events (sports, festivals) this could be a somewhat overlooked opportunity.

9. Use partner channels

If you are working with partners that have large permission bases, have them run competitions or campaigns that lead to gated content or competitions on your site. But stay relevant, you don’t want to cost them subscribers.

10. Do enrichment campaigns and include a signup

Asking customers to tell you a bit more about themselves can improve your data capture but it can also be a very good driver for newsletter signups.

Please note: Always adhere to local marketing legislation and guidelines. What is perfectly legal in one country might be illegal in others.