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Activity Stream’s solutions will allow our members to automate important moments in their customer journeys. They operationalize marketing and transactional data, so members can better understand audience behavior. That creates more efficiency for arts and culture teams and helps them deliver seamless experiences that grow engagement.

Erin Lively Koppel

Tessitura’s Chief Strategy Officer

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Activity Stream and 

Tessitura Team up

With Activity Stream's marketing and data platform and crowdEngage's audience engagement now integrated with Tessitura, we aim to help arts and culture organizations sell more tickets and unlock new engagement opportunities.

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From Small Theaters to Major Arenas, Clients of All Sizes Love The AudienceView Integration!

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Providing solutions for every stage of the event lifecycle, we have a variety of ways to help your business succeed. 

With offices throughout Europe and North America, we can help you plan, grow your audience, and ensure maximum engagement with your event. 

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Drag & Drop Editor

Create inclusive, branded emails that convert with our drag-and-drop editor – no coding skills required!

Customized Content

Build your marketing emails with custom blocks to create engaging content. Add urgency to your emails with pre-sale countdowns for a specific event.

Reporting on Engagement

Gain valuable insights into key email marketing metrics based on customer type. View bounces, clicks, open rates, deliveries, CTR, unsubscribes and URL engagement, with automatic UTM tagging to track what matters most for your audience.

New! Integrated AI Features

Discover the power of AI in your marketing efforts. Generate attention-grabbing headlines, CTAs and images with our integrated AI tools.

Audience Engagement

Power before, during and after-show experiences with audience messaging, mobile tickets, and seamless food and drink pre-orders.

with crowdEngage


Activity Stream,

a Tessitura Partner

Join our session to learn how Activity Stream and Tessitura can help you sell more tickets, engage your key customers, discover and target new audiences and more!

US Webinar: May 18 at 3:00 PM (ET)
UK Webinar: May 23 at 3:00 PM (BST)


Easily Visualize Your Data

Our intuitive dashboards simplify the analysis of your audience’s buying patterns, preferences and behavior in real-time.

Identify Audiences

Build high-converting audience segments based on your customers' interests and past purchase behavior to boost ticket sales.

Target Your Audience

Ensure the success of your email, Facebook & Google lookalike campaigns with easy-to-export and automatically formatted CSV files.

Bring Your Data Together

Gain a clear understanding of your diverse audience and their behavior across channels like ticket sales, Facebook and Google Ads, Google Analytics, email campaigns and more.