In an effort to improve customer experience, communications and marketing, New Wolsey Theatre (NWT) is subscribing to the Activity Stream service.

The service will enable the team to set up more customer moments and get a deeper understanding of customers, sales and communications, as well as free up time that is now spent on setting up reports and analyses.

We are a small team and that means, we must be more efficient with our time, ultimately in the way that best serves our customers and community”, says Elise Golbourn, Interim Head of Communications at NWT. “Activity Stream is a great tool for many parts of the organisation, as it supports many key activities, including our initiative to set up customer moments, of course.”

New Wolsey is the first Spektrix client to be set up in the UK, bringing the partnership into a new phase.

After a long process with a very technical focus, we now aim to introduce all Spektrix clients to the solution and all the advantages it brings”, says Anne von Grumbkow, who leads the Spektrix partnership in Activity Stream. “I look forward to follow the impact the Activity Stream platform will have at New Wolsey helping them to improve business and customer experience.”

How to improve customer experience, communications and marketing

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