What we have to say, what we want to say, and stuff others say about us

  1. Go west

    Activity Stream to be demonstrated at INTIX


    We are truly delighted to attend next year’s INTIX conference. We feel this is really the place to be so we are packing our bags and heading to New Orleans in January and would love to meet up with US-based ticketing companies, venue operators and promoters in particular, for a demonstration of the Activity Stream operations intelligence platform and the associated AS for Live Entertainment industry specific solution.

    Our sales team is busy setting up meetings with potential partners so if you are an interested ticketing professional, feel free to book a meeting, a demo or both.

  2. It’s complicated

    but, still just basic rocket science


    It is a leap for most of us to even start thinking about Artificial intelligence in operations and services. But we have borrowed a great phrase from a movie and now refer to what we do as just basic rocket science. While we strongly feel that AI is changing everything, including the business of ticketing, we are, as we expected, experience some resistance. Einar Saevarsson, our CEO/Co-founder, gave a presentation at the Ticketing Technology Forum 2016 about collecting, enriching, visualizing and continuously analyzing data to creating actionable insights empowering an organization to make a difference for its customers. 

  3. Coming of age

    Plenty of growing pains


    The Activity Stream journey dating back to early 2013 has been incredible so far. Our effort to further develop our AI based product and include features based on valuable insights from trial users does call for more hands on deck. We are now at a time in our corporate growth where we need to double the number of employees as soon as possible to make sure we can deliver on our promise to angel customers and beta users. By end of summer, we added ten new positions both in our Copenhagen sales & Customer Success office and at the development center in Iceland.

    We are humble to see how both AI and the company effort are gaining traction with people of the highest caliber who bring a wealth of experience to the project we hope to catapult even further in the coming months. Our sales efforts are taking off and although a bit behind, we feel we will be able to ship the first release of Activity Stream by end of September this year.

  4. Coming to Fanalyze


    Activity Stream is excited about being part of the world’s first fan based summit for sports and venue based professionals. The Fanalyze summit 2016 in Cardiff already has a strong lineup of thought leaders within the space of sports ticketing and fan engagement.

    Activity Stream for Sports, an artificial intelligence-based solution designed to help sports organizations and venues to improve their operations, will be introduced to a mostly European audience. The solution runs on the Activity Stream platform and features industry-specific visualization and operational intelligence functionality designed by leading organizations in the business of ticketing and fan engagement.

    We would love to hear from you if you are a professional attending the event and would like to receive more information, a demo, or both.

  5. OK, so the secret is out!

    AI can and will change the business of ticketing


    Einar Saevarsson, the CEO/Co-founder of Activity Stream was given an opportunity to present our vision of an AI based operations intelligence future for ticketing at the Ticketing Technology Forum 2016. Based on the strong response we genuinely feel he did more than OK on the subject. He also composed an article about how clever it is for organizations to become smarter. Check it out.