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Night of show solutions for your venue

This 25-minute discussion will show in real-time just how simple the patron experience can be and how easy it is to integrate with your ticketing.

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About the webinar

During this session, we’ll guide you through these crowdEngage features. Witness firsthand how our platform can transform your events, enhance attendee satisfaction, and drive better results for your organization.
Hundreds of venues highlight crucial challenges they face before curtains open on a show night:

  • The box office is crowded with visitors who’ve lost or never even printed their tickets
  • First-time visitors are late because they couldn’t find the venue/parking
  • Frustrated visitors are still in the queue waiting for drink orders after the lights up
  • Staff are being overwhelmed and bombarded with questions about the venue

Join Dave Lock and Bethan Roberts as we walk you through our SMS messaging platform as an easy way for all your customers to receive and share tickets, pre-order concessions, and instantly access FAQs essential for your venue.

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James Bush

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