Webinar: subscribe to better sales, marketing and customer experience

A look at how Intelligence as a Service is developing (fast)

More and more organizations are choosing dedicated third party subscription services to help set up a data infrastructure and provide the data tools relevant to the industry. The benefits are many – fast implementation requiring no manpower and much lower costs than setting it up yourself – and the solutions are developing very fast. On the other hand, you have to sacrifice some flexibility and customizability. In this webinar, we present our solutions and discuss the pros and cons of subscription services.

Join us on February 20th at the Ticketing Professionals Webinar in which we will cover:

  • What is Intelligence as a Service? Who is it relevant to?
  • Key benefits of subscribing to Activity Stream
  • The (near) future of connected data – and the key trends

The webinar is followed by a Q&A with Martin Gammeltoft of Activity Stream. You can sign up here.