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  1. Assembly Hall Theatre subscribes to Activity Stream

    Both the first in the UK and first in a string of TopTix users


    London, October 26th, 2017: Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells, is adopting the Activity Stream system and the associated AS for Live Entertainment industry-specific solution, to enable the venue to optimize its sales, marketing, and customer experience as a part of its mission to improve digital marketing efforts.

    Under the agreement, The Assembly Hall Theatre becomes the first UK-based venue to subscribe to Activity Stream’s solution already being widely deployed in Scandinavia and the USA.

    “I have been impressed by the way Activity Stream enables venues to create a powerful marketing dashboard and was surprised to find that we are the first UK venue to adopt its innovative solution,” comments Antony Pickthall, Sales and Marketing Director of Assembly Hall Theatre. Continues Mr. Pickthall: “Over the past eighteen months the Assembly Hall Theatre has been re-inventing its programming and marketing strategy under Theatre Director, JJ Almond and with the support of the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council’s Digital First strategy The Assembly Hall Theatre is determined to create the best possible framework to enable it to achieve ambitious audience and sales targets. Activity Stream will help us to develop the insights required to achieve this.”

    Further, The Assembly Hall Theatre is the first venue to take advantage of Activity Stream’s integration to TopTix’s  SRO4 platform, currently under development. Already integrated with other leading ticketing platforms, Activity Stream is soon becoming available to all organizations using TopTix for their ticketing sales and delivery.

    “We’re extremely happy that we’ll be working with The Assembly Hall Theatre, an organisation with a long history and a customer focus that is exciting to support”, says Martin Gammeltoft, VP of Commercial Operations, Activity Stream, and continues: “The fact that we’ll be soon ready to accommodate all TopTix clients is a significant milestone as well, given the fact that TopTix serve a long list of very ambitious venues and organizations, that can take full advantage of Activity Stream without further integrations.”

    About The Assembly Hall Theatre

    The Assembly Hall Theatre is a theatre in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, seating 1020 people. The theatre hosts a variety of popular music, comedy, family, dance, drama, classical music, and variety events, as well as an annual pantomime. Since 1967, the Assembly Hall has been home to the Tunbridge Wells Operatic and Dramatic Society. Their first performance was Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Gondoliers. Past performers have included Coolio, Let Loose and The Stranglers.


    About TopTix

    Since 2000, TopTix, Ltd, acquired this year by Seat Geek, has been supplying software for ticketing, fundraising and customer relationship management. Their flagship platform, SRO (Standing Room Only), supports over 500 institutions, processing 80 million tickets a year. The client base includes museums, theatres, festivals, stadiums, arenas, sporting organizations, concert halls, and visitor attractions spanning 16 countries, including such well-known organizations as The Royal Concertgebouw, the Netherlands; J. Paul Getty Museum, Sundance Film Festival, USA; English National Opera, Zoological Society of London, West Bromwich Albion Football Club, UK; Friends Arena, Sweden.


    About Activity Stream

    Activity Stream provides a cloud-based operations intelligence platform. It enables the commercial exploitation of artificial intelligence to improve services and operations by generating clever real-time insights to a business.


  2. Shubert Organization deploys Activity Stream

    ChoiceCRM users enabled to optimizes time-sensitive ticketing operation with AI


    New York City, January 19th, 2017:  Shubert Organization, an operator of legendary on and off Broadway theaters, and provider of innovative solutions through the Shubert Ticketing STAR ticketing system is subscribing to Activity Stream and using the AS for Live Entertainment industry specific solution to enable their hundreds of clients to optimize all aspects of their ticket sales workflow. Under the agreement, users of the ChoiceCRM solution take full advantage of artificial intelligence to improve all aspects of complex operations.

    AS for Live Entertainment streams all business related data for a uniform real-time view of insights for all members of a team which includes all staff, producers, promoters and other key stakeholders in the complex value chain of theater ticket sales.

    “Our STAR system has been purpose-built to deal with high volume, fluid, and ever-changing landscape of key theater ticket distributors, marketing platforms and more broad-reaching relationships with FITs and OTA’s.” said David Andrews, Senior Vice President of The Shubert Organization.

    Continues Mr. Andrews, “Activity Stream is a key component in our strategy moving forward, we think about not only where and how our data comes together, but how we use it to generate valuable future-looking insights.  We help our partners by pushing the right information to the right people at the right time, creating valuable real-time opportunities for our clients as they think about inventory management, pricing, and marketing.”

    “We are honored to be trusted by such a respected provider of innovative technology into the intrinsic theater ticketing ecosystem. Their business acumen, insight, and experience not only helps us make our machine learning models better but also builds valuable intelligence for the whole live ticketing value chain,” comments Activity Stream’s CEO and co-founder Einar Saevarsson.

    “We jointly introduce how artificial intelligence is already impacting the world of ticketing professionals at INTIX 2017 the International Ticketing Association annual conference  in New Orleans” in January, and are looking forward to do the same at the upcoming Ticketing Technology Forum in Dublin in March where Activity Stream is shortlisted as the best new CRM/Data Tool.” Continues Mr. Saevarsson.

    About The Shubert Organization

    The Shubert Organization is America’s oldest professional theater company and the largest theater owner on the Broadway. Since the dawn of the 20th Century, Shubert has operated hundreds of theaters and produced hundreds of plays and musicals both in New York City and throughout the United States. Shubert currently owns and operates seventeen Broadway theaters and six off-Broadway venues.

    Shubert Ticketing is a leading international provider of ticketing services, delivering innovative solutions for users of the pioneering Telecharge interface and private-label technology. Shubert’s ticketing system sells millions of tickets each year via a range of online distribution channels, at box offices and call centers, and through hundreds of third-party agents.


    ABOUT Shubert Ticketing

    Shubert Ticketing is a leading provider of ticketing services nationwide. At the forefront of the ticketing industry, Shubert Ticketing delivers innovative solutions for private label clients and users of its box office services, call center, and an array of marketing technologies. Drawing upon over 100 years of experience in live entertainment and venue management, Shubert Ticketing provides users of its ticketing systems with unrivaled flexibility and client support.


    About Choice Ticketing

    Choice Ticketing Systems was founded in 1990 and has been a leader in providing innovative solutions, in particular to performing arts organizations. The Choice Ticketing flagship product, ChoiceCRM, is a cloud-based CRM, offering advanced technology capabilities for box office, fundraising, marketing, and ticketing operations.


    About Activity Stream

    Activity Stream provides a cloud-based operations intelligence platform. It enables the commercial exploitation of artificial intelligence to improve services and operations by generating clever real-time insights to a business.


  3. We Welcome Venuepoint to Activity Stream

    Enables customers to use Artificial Intelligence to optimize revenue


    Copenhagen, January 11th, 2017, Venuepoint, one of the leading providers of event ticketing services in Scandinavia, has finalized an agreement with Activity Stream enabling the company to improve both operations and services using Activity Stream’s AS for Live Entertainment Industry Specific solution.

    Venuepoint is using the solution to gather and visualize pertinent data from business systems for a unique perspective on all business activity. The platform is a vehicle to distribute information, insights, and suggestions to a large team to support in-time decisions in a time-sensitive environment.  

    Running on top of the Activity Stream Operations Intelligence platform, the solution is available to both Venuepoint staff and it’s large customer base of venues, promoters and ticketing outlets. “We are devoted to helping our customers improve their time-sensitive business, both on the revenue and cost side” said Christoffer Feilberg, CEO of Venuepoint.

    The solution is customized to help visualize and provide valuable insights into data generated by the business of ticket retail. “Our teams have bent and shaped the solution to reflect the Venuepoint vision of a data-driven business” adds Einar Saevarsson, CEO, and co-founder of Activity Stream.

    In Activity Stream we have a very strong offering to our clients with a tool allowing us to see what is going on but most importantly make the information available where it matters in real-time to those who make the business work”, adds Mr. Feilberg.

    AS for Live Entertainment is currently being deployed by several ticket retailing experts in Europe and the US.

    About Venuepoint

    Venuepoint is a Scandinavian ticketing provider based in Copenhagen, with local offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm, and Oslo. Venuepoint is owned by Egmont / Nordisk Film and CTS Eventim.


    About Activity Stream

    Activity Stream provides a cloud-based operations intelligence platform. It enables the commercial exploitation of artificial intelligence to improve services and operations by generating clever real-time insights to a business.