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We Welcome Venuepoint to Activity Stream

Enables customers to use Artificial Intelligence to optimize revenue

Copenhagen, January 11th, 2017, Venuepoint, one of the leading providers of event ticketing services in Scandinavia, has finalized an agreement with Activity Stream enabling the company to improve both operations and services using Activity Stream’s AS for Live Entertainment Industry Specific solution.

Venuepoint is using the solution to gather and visualize pertinent data from business systems for a unique perspective on all business activity. The platform is a vehicle to distribute information, insights, and suggestions to a large team to support in-time decisions in a time-sensitive environment.  

Running on top of the Activity Stream Operations Intelligence platform, the solution is available to both Venuepoint staff and it’s large customer base of venues, promoters and ticketing outlets. “We are devoted to helping our customers improve their time-sensitive business, both on the revenue and cost side” said Christoffer Feilberg, CEO of Venuepoint.

The solution is customized to help visualize and provide valuable insights into data generated by the business of ticket retail. “Our teams have bent and shaped the solution to reflect the Venuepoint vision of a data-driven business” adds Einar Saevarsson, CEO, and co-founder of Activity Stream.

In Activity Stream we have a very strong offering to our clients with a tool allowing us to see what is going on but most importantly make the information available where it matters in real-time to those who make the business work”, adds Mr. Feilberg.

AS for Live Entertainment is currently being deployed by several ticket retailing experts in Europe and the US.

About Venuepoint

Venuepoint is a Scandinavian ticketing provider based in Copenhagen, with local offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm, and Oslo. Venuepoint is owned by Egmont / Nordisk Film and CTS Eventim.

About Activity Stream

Activity Stream provides a cloud-based operations intelligence platform. It enables the commercial exploitation of artificial intelligence to improve services and operations by generating clever real-time insights to a business.