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We Will Recover Says Goodbye

After a year of Rebuilding, Reconnecting and Recovering, it is time that We Will Recover says goodbye... The website - to which we have been a proud partner of - will be taken down on the 1st of October, so there is still time to review the site and reflect on how to prepare for reopening and recovery.

The live entertainment industry in the past year has taken a huge hit by the pandemic, however we continue to have hope for organizations. At Activity Stream, we have continued to stay dedicated to the industry and have developed our tools and platform, so organizations can recover and succeed.

"In a year full of uncertainty, We Will Recover has not just given the industry a place to turn to, but has also given me purpose and hope" says Content Writer of Activity Stream, Natasha Boye. "It has been a wonderful experience to be a part of something that has helped inform and inspire the live entertainment organizations."

To check out more information check out We Will Recover's goodbye post here.

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