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Update On Activity Stream: WeWillRecover And Virtual Ticketing Conference

In the past months, the development team at Activity Stream has been focusing on accelerating development on tools – giving organizations more insights when the time comes. 

But that’s not all – Activity Stream has also been involved in the #WeWillRecover initiative and will be present at The Ticketing Summit on the 22nd of May

Activity Stream joins in on #WeWillRecover program. 

Activity Stream is thrilled to announce our participation in the initiative. The #WeWillRecover program will give many organizations useful and motivating content that will support them on their journey of recovery. Organizations will need to find methods towards learning and re-learning their communication with their audiences and will give organizations that opportunity. 

We feel so excited to be a part of an initiative that will not only motivate organizations but give them access to the tools they will need during this recovery process. It is essential in these moments that we lift up one another in all the ways that we possibly can.

CEO Einar Saervarsson at The Ticketing Summit

During times of crisis, it is important that we all lend a hand and help one another out. This is why CEO, Einar Saevarsson will be participating in the Ticketing Summit answering, “How can artificial intelligence support ticketing professionals in making decisions?” The virtual event will take place on Day 3 of the summit – Friday, the 22nd of May 2020. 

You can get your free ticket here at The Ticketing Summit

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