• Natasha Boye

Peter Bek joins the Activity Stream Team as the Marketing Manager

Updated: Jun 8

We’re very happy to welcome Peter Bek as our new marketing manager. Peter is the perfect fit for Activity Stream, having worked in live entertainment for many years and with a strong understanding of how data can be used effectively to promote events and reach audiences.

Peter has worked at a Danish promoter running campaigns for concerts and festivals, and as a freelancer, in which we saw him teaching courses on the best use of data with Facebook when promoting events. Earlier he has worked in marketing at Universal Music (record label) and also in merchandise sales back in the early days.

Peter will be responsible for our own marketing, but also bringing best practices to our global client base, run experiments to validate results and share them, and support our team in developing the best possible tools for the live entertainment marketeers we serve.

“I'm extremely excited to join the fast-growing team at Activity Stream. I have a passion for business and music, and I have worked most of my career with a combination of both. I know the impact of using data effectively, and look forward to supporting our clients in getting the most out of their marketing budgets and selling more tickets and merchandise”, says Peter, now settling into our Copenhagen office.

On behalf of the whole Activity Stream team, welcome, Peter!

With this addition to the team, we’ll further step up our work to share best practices - so if you haven’t yet signed up to our newsletter, please do so on the website!

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