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P&J LIVE - The Venue Of The Year

Congratulations, P&J Live - YOU ROCK! 😮

Proud to see our client succeed on a well-deserved journey. P&J Live is officially #TheVenueOfTheYear! 🔥

Source: IQ MAG

“We are absolutely thrilled to have picked up this award, especially being such a new venue operationally, while other venues have been open for decades,” - P&J LIVE MD #NickWaight.

Who is J&P Live for?

The North East of Scotland's events venue will guarantee world-class conferences, banquets, exhibitions and live-entertainment facilities with a 15,000-capacity arena. Visit P&J Live here.

🚀 An Upcoming Host for:

JurassicLive, EltonJohn, AndreRieu, JustinBieber, StatusQuo, GeorgeEzra, Westlife, and more

Read the full article on how they've done it - written by IQ MAG

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