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NEW Consulting Becomes A Certified Consultant At Activity Stream

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

At Activity Stream, we enjoy working together with the industry to create a powerful product that allows our clients to connect and engage with their audiences. This means integrating new partners and consultants that will help guide us towards the success that we want for our clients.

Therefore, Activity Stream is now pleased to announce the certification of NEW Consulting!

NEW Consulting is led by Nicole Wetzell and is a full-service boutique firm that offers unique skills and knowledge that entertainment venues need to attract new casual single ticket buyers and convert them to enthusiastic multi-ticket buyers, subscribers, and donors. Ticketing, data analysis, Tessitura, subscriptions, and group sales are just a few of those specialty areas where we can help you build your audience as you reopen.

"At NEW Consulting, we believe that data helps bring people together and make smart people-focused business decisions. NEW Consulting is thrilled to partner with Activity Stream on bringing data solutions to your organization and would be delighted to sit down with you to discuss how to use this powerful program to its fullest potential" Says Nicole Wetzell.

Click here to learn more about NEW Consulting and schedule a mini-strategy session with them.

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