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Learnings From Ticketing Technology Forum 2018


The annual thought leading Ticketing Technology Forum took place this week in Manchester. We had a great time catching up with business partners, clients and customers in the industry.

The future of ticketing is interesting – for sure. We noticed quite an influx of exciting companies from South America, felt the focus on data analytics getting much stronger, and the way technology is reshaping our industry becoming more apparent.

Using data as decision support is not really new, but there are a few newer aspects that are making quite a wave. One is the concept of using real-time data. Although it makes sense, it is still a huge challenge for most companies.

We know this for a fact as our approach to connecting multiple data is gaining a foothold on the market. So is our ability to aggregate different types of data – not just different sources but different data types like time-series data on one hand and arbitrary business events on the other.

This might sound complicated, but we have written a great series of short articles on connecting data for you to learn from:

  • 5 ways connecting email data improves your business

  • 5 ways connecting gated Wi-Fi data improves your business

  • 7 ways connected ticket scanning data unlocks immediate business opportunities

Another data-related headache, besides getting it all in synch in one place in real-time, is how to make use of all that information and enable you and your team to use it. When all the information starts pouring in and the data sets keep bloating up, there is not a dashboard or a report that really enables a pull of the right intel to the right person at the right time.

Our AI based operations intelligence engine is designed to help curate, deliver and enable collaboration on tailor-made information feed for any member of your team. Simply put, the system creates observations which are pushed to the right people. To further explain, we actually put together a video. Interested to learn more? Contact us here.

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