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Key Takeaways from Ticketing Technology Forum 2017


Kyle Wright from the Shubert Organization presented their data makeover at this year’s Ticketing Technology Forum in Dublin. The presentation was focused on illustrating how the Shubert Organization has redesigned their data strategy and their new way of gathering, analyzing and creating valuable insights of their data in real time to strengthen decision support.

Over the last months, Shubert has worked with Activity Stream to realize the full value of their data and try out new initiatives to better understand their audience. You can learn more about the case in this article.

One of the most important takeaways from this year’s conference is that many venues and organizations to a greater extent are turning to specialized partners to better exploit their data, as the possibilities (and value) is increasing at tremendous speed. Therefore, we also saw an increased number of dedicated intelligence providers entering the scene, offering a range of services to help organizers improve marketing, customer experience and optimize pricing by use of data analytic services.

It is also clear that services are now getting so mature, affordable and user-friendly meaning that even mid-size venues now can sign up to get the benefits that were previously only available to big organizations with a large data warehouse including a team of business analysts and data scientists.

We enjoyed the days in Dublin and all the interesting dialogues, we engaged in. A big thank you to the organizers, business partners and attendees for an inspiring time.

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