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Evelyn Ingram joins Activity Stream’s US Team

Updated: Jun 8

With venues slowly but surely opening up following the pandemic, we at Activity Stream are thrilled to expand our team in the US once again. Evelyn Ingram, based in Knoxville, Tennessee, will be joining the team as VP of Commercial Sales for the North American live entertainment industry.

Evelyn comes with a passion and drive for pushing the boundaries of ticket sales by working with tools that support venues in making data-driven decisions and delivering fan-based intelligence to customers.

“I am thrilled to join Activity Stream and work with an exceptionally forward-thinking and inventive team, coupled with an innovative "marketing intelligence" product. Tools that help venues make data-driven decisions are crucial, even more so since COVID. Activity Stream goes even beyond that and delivers fan-based intelligence that is usable, actionable, and impactful. The platform is unique and ground-breaking. I'm very thankful to be a part of it! ”, says Evelyn Ingram.

Evelyn holds a BA in psychology from Arizona State University and her strong professional background consists of her long-term work in the venue software industry at EventBooking and Ungerboeck. With 2022 marking the end of her 20 years with venue management software, Evelyn has worked with and led a team that has garnered over 1,000 client venues from around the world. Evelyn has additional experience from serving on the IAVM Membership Committee and Allied Committee, whilst still working with their Diversity and Inclusive Leadership Development Committees today. 

Evelyn’s professional capabilities landed her a prestigious title within the event and venue industry, with VenuesNow Magazine naming her a “Woman of Influence,” in 2018.

Join us, welcoming Evelyn as part of the team here at Activity Stream.

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