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Changes To The Activity Stream Development Roadmap Due To COVID-19

Covid-19 accelerates changes to the product development plans

The global pandemic has inevitably affected everyone in so many different ways. For Activity Stream it has meant a reprioritization of the feature development over the coming summer. 

From frequent conversations with clients during the last month, it’s been clear that the crisis will increase the need for very specific tools to help organizations rebuild and change the way they will interact in the future. 

Before the crisis hit, the focus was to gradually extend the range of data types that could be included and connected (like the donations and product sales), while at the same time adding tools for campaign evaluation and execution, initially developing these in collaboration with Google, as part of the Marketing Innovation Program.

After some close dialogue with key clients and partners, it indicated that optimizing marketing will be the best solution in the recovery period. When doors reopen and tickets need to be sold, it’ll be critical to be able to set up campaigns as effectively as possible, with as much automation as possible.

“We’ve decided to shift our plans a little bit”, says Einar Saevarsson, CEO of Activity Stream. “The industry will need as much help as technology can provide in the coming period, and for us, this means accelerating our development of cross-channel marketing tools. This means that we can offer clients a very cost-effective marketing setup, which will be key when coming out of the crisis.”

The new feature development will enable users of Activity Stream to execute campaigns from the context of events, set up Facebook events, schedule communications and execute highly-targeted campaigns based on audience insights. This will allow many organizations to rebuild themselves by making the most out of their data and its capabilities. 

As described in the article about the way the crisis will change our industry, Activity Stream will also enable organizations to quickly learn about the shifts in their audience, through a series of new tools designed to help inventory management and audience insights.

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